April 10, 2020 2 min read

At some point in our lives, we all like to collect something. For some of us, it’s stamps or baseball cards; for others, it might be makeup or art supplies. Below are five interesting, useful, and somewhat unusual things that you can start collecting today that won’t break the bank.

Shot Glasses

Whether or not you drink liquor, a rocks collection is always interesting – especially if you choose to stick to a theme. For example, if you’re into literature, you might opt for a collection of glasses that feature some of your favorite works by Lewis Carroll, Shakespeare, or even Edgar Allen Poe. You can display them in a curio cabinet or other glass display case, and they’ll make an excellent conversation piece. Of course, you could also pour a drink and enjoy them as they were intended, too.

Pocket Flasks

A pocket flask is what its name would imply – a smaller version of a standard flask that holds a couple of ounces of liquor of your choice. This option comes engraved with the state of your choice, so if you have a goal to travel to all 50 states, you could collect a flask for each one you’ve visited. They’re stylish enough to display out in the open, but they’re also small enough to fit into your pocket. Thanks to their rounded edges, they’re comfortable to hold, as well.

Vintage Fashion

Not everyone is into vintage fashion, but that’s one of the most compelling reasons to start collecting it – especially if you live near thrift stores in your area. Places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill always have some vintage clothing tucked away in the racks, and it’s up to you to find it. Some could be worth quite a bit of money if you know what to look for, but if you aren’t concerned with value and you just appreciate fashion, feel free to wear any vintage pieces you find.


Once upon a time, copper was one of the most common metals in existence. Today, though, its value has skyrocketed and it’s difficult to find. Imagine how beautiful this collection of old-style copper mugs would look hanging from some hooks in your kitchen! You can also find a tumbler and jigger if you want a complete bar collection as a conversation piece.

Anything with Your City or Town

Hometown pride is real, and people all over the country – regardless of what city they’re from – express it in various ways. This glassware etched with a map of your city’s streets and roadways is a phenomenal thing to start collecting – or even add to your existing collection of hometown-related items. You’ll find rocks glasses, wine glasses, pint glasses, stemless wine glasses, champagne flutes, stemless flutes, and much, much more.

Starting a collection can be exciting, and it’s even more fun to look back years later and reminisce about how each piece of the collection was acquired. They’re beautiful to look at and fun conversation starters. In some cases, they’re symbolic of families and are passed down from one generation to the next along with the memories.