November 23, 2020 3 min read

We all know (or perhaps are) one of those outdoorsy people who only feel at home outside amidst the trees, birds, or water. Finding the right gifts for them can be difficult at times, especially when you want your gift to be useful or sentimental in some way. Below are five thoughtful and luxurious gift ideas that those outdoorsy people in your life are sure to love. 

#1 - Give the Gift of the Night Sky 

If there’s one thing that all outdoors enthusiasts can agree on, it’s that there’s something captivating and mind-blowing about the vastness of the night sky. If this sounds like your recipient, then there’s a huge selection of night sky-themed gifts that are gorgeous and sentimental at the same time. These includecosmic glassware like pint glasses, coffee mugs, stemmed and stemless wine glasses, stemmed and stemless champagne flutes, wine carafes, and lidded mason jars. You can even find avariety of tools like serving trays,flasks, coasters, and even blankets. You can even customize the gift with the night sky in the location of your choice to make it incredibly personal. 

#2 – Topography Maps

Climbing, spelunking, and visiting amazing geographical formations is an incredible pastime. The wonders of the Earth never cease to amaze the people who love to explore the outdoors. Much like the night sky gift ideas above, you can also give a gift that provides atopographical map of more than 1000 different locations throughout the world – including places like Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon, and more. Choices include coffee mugs, wine carafes, pocket flasks, bar boards, and much, much more. 

#3 – State and City Map Gifts

Sometimes, being in the great outdoors involves quite a bit of travel, and many people love a good road trip. If this sounds like the person you’re buying for, then there’s a bevy of gifts out there that can be etched with the state or city of your choice. They include glassware like rocks glasses and coffee mugs, coasters, flasks, and so much more. Just choose the product that you want to give and then choose the city roadmap to etch onto the surface. 

#4 – The Depths of the Ocean

The salt life is an exciting life, and there’s a good chance you know someone who’s all about the ocean, including beaches, salt spray, catching waves, and more. Choose from a wide variety ofocean-themed gifts ranging from serving boards and rocks glasses to insulated tumblers and hydration bottles. You can customize them in many ways, whether you choose to have an island or a coastline etched into their surfaces. 

#5 – Marathon Commemoration 

Finally, if you’re buying a gift for the marathoner in your life, there’s no shortage of customized gifts you can give. Pint glasses, rocks glasses, wine glasses, coffee mugs, and more etched with the26.2 marathon maps of your choice can help to commemorate a win, a finish, or even an adventure. These gifts are affordable and sentimental, so they’re perfect options for someone who has everything. 

There’s nothing quite like being outside, whether you prefer running a marathon, staring up into the night sky, or lounging on the beach surrounded by the surf and sun. Each of these gift ideas is wonderful for the people in your life who seem to live and breathe nature itself. They’re made with pride in the USA and provide a personal, sentimental touch that other gifts simply cannot duplicate.