December 01, 2022 4 min read

Who loves beer? We love beer! It’s a beverage that has millions of devoted, loyal, knowledgeable, and fun fans worldwide. No matter if it’s a hoppy microbrew or a smooth-tasting lager, there are many options out there to satisfy every brew enthusiast. If you have someone in your life who really loves suds, we’ve compiled a list of 20 beerific gift ideas to tap into! 


1. Craft Beer Subscription


Of course, we have to start this list with a beer subscription. With Craft Beer Club, each box showcases two different breweries from two different regions in the US and includes 4 different beer styles (2 from each brewery) every month.



2. Beer Poster


Give the beer lover in your life something beautiful and tasty to stare at (other than their beer of course). 



3. Mini Beer Keg


With this portable Growlerwerks uKeg, enjoy perfectly poured, refreshingly carbonated beer wherever and whenever you want it.



4. IPA Craft Beer Kit


Now they can brew their own IPA at home. This beer-making kit includes all the basic equipment, ingredients, and instructions they’ll need to craft great-tasting beer. Now hopefully they’ll invite you over for every day happy hour.



5. Well Told Pint Glass


Known fact: brew tastes better in a Well Told Home Town Pint glass. A great gift for any beer enthusiast, a 16 oz. pint glass can be custom-made with a beautifully engraved map of ANY city or town in the U.S.!



6. Vintage Beer Trays


Cheers to the history of beer with a vintage beverage tray. They can hang it up, leave it out as décor, or keep it for more practical purposes.



7. Yeti Portable Beer Cooler


This Yeti cooler will make an impressive gift for the traveling beer lover. Closed-cell foam offers impressive cold-holding capabilities, helping keep frosty beverages nice and ice cold.



8. Beer Bible


Experts say, ‘if you drink beer, you need this book’. How perfect! Friends will drink with delight learning what type of hops went into a favorite beer and where to go for beer tourism, as well as profiles of breweries from around the world.



9. Well Told Beer Origins Glasses

$60 (set of four)

These vintage-inspired pint glasses are decorated with vibrant, original artwork featuring the origin stories and flavor profiles of four of the world’s most popular beer styles – Lager, Ale, Pilsner, and IPA. Each glass comes with a high-quality printed origin story card.



10. Keter Cool Outdoor Patio Bar


If they like hosting backyard BBQs or game day celebrations, this hybrid cooler-table situation holds 7.5 gallons of ice, so rest assured the beers will stay cold.



11. SipCaddy Shower Beer Holder


If they like having a cold one in the shower (and what beer lover doesn’t?) they'll enjoy this beverage holder that sticks right to the wall. It can hold cans, bottles, and even wine glasses.



12. Six-Pack Beer Rub Set


Wouldn’t it be great if everything tasted like beer? Maybe it can! This spice rub set is infused with different flavors like Mesquite Peppercorn Lager Rub and Honey Mustard IPA Rub.



13. Well Told Tall Can Cooler  


Cheers to cold beers! Custom eco-friendly tall can coolers are perfect companions on any great outdoor adventure. Beer lovers will stay refreshed and inspired with this stunningly detailedgift idea. 



14. Beer Boxers


Perfect for a late-night game of beer pong, a pair of red solo cup inspired boxer briefs ensure superior support, comfort, and fashioned from a moisture-wicking, quick-dry blend.



15. Skultana Open Sesame Bottle Opener  


This gift will show off their happy hour game face. Besides opening bottles, Open Sesame makes an interesting decoration on the kitchen wall or drink table. The opener is made of sand cast and polished brass.



16. EdgeStar Beer Fridge   


Who says you can’t splurge on a favorite beverage? For a pricier gift, how about this 80-can beer fridge. Not only will it save you room in your regular fridge, but it has compressor-based temperature control to store bottles and cans at their optimal degree. How cool is that?



17. Vintage Beer Can Candle


Set the mood…the beer drinking mood…with scented candles placed in a retro Augsburger, Schell's, Rhinelander, or Kingsbury can.



18. Beer Drinking Helmet  


We all know that safety comes first. So, whether at a tailgate party, backyard BBQ, or anyplace there’s a party going on, it’s a safe bet that this novelty beer helmet will add extra fun to any event.  



19. Beeropoly Board Game


Fun is brewing with this beer-drinking board game. Perfect for parties or an entertaining weekend night, Beeropoly invites players to drink their way through a series of beer challenges, such as demonstrating their best dance moves.



20. Well Told Beer Coaster Set


Every pint needs a place to sit. Set your beer on a coaster that inspires the senses and fuels the thirst. The lightweight and absorbent cork material protects the tabletop while displaying a custom map of some of the greatest beer towns in the U.S.  



We hope these gift ideas provide frothy inspiration as you shop for the beer enthusiast in your life. Cheers!