July 13, 2020 2 min read

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint one singular gift that is perfect for the person intended to receive it. Gift cards and cash might be tempting, but these can be seen as impersonal no matter how well they are received. If you want to wow your friend or loved one, consider putting together a gift basket filled with things he or she is sure to love. Below are some tips for making your basket a hit. 

Decide on a Theme

Before you buy the first item, including the basket itself, you will need to decide on a gift theme. Consider the recipient’s hobbies and interests and go from there. Is he or she an astronomy buff? Look forastronomy-related gifts and choose a container and filler material to suit. Is he or she graduating from college? Opt for a basket theme in his or her college colors and choose gifts that feature thecollege town, sports team, and more. 

Choose the Right Basket and Filler Materials

First things first, you’ll need a basket to house everything, and it’s important to choose a container that fits the theme of the gift. Though a traditional wicker basket certainly works in many situations, a gift “basket” can be virtually anything – a terracotta pot, a stainless steel tub, or even a heavy cardboard box if it suits the occasion. Once you’ve chosen the container, you’ll also need to decide on a filler. Look into options like colorful paper shreds, tissue paper, and ribbon that complement the theme of your basket. 

Pick Gifts that Work Together

The next step involved in putting together an awesome gift basket involves making sure that the items inside the basket are designed to be used together in some way – or at least for the same purpose. For example, if you are building a gift basket for a college graduate, you might choose twostemmed wine glasses and aglass carafe etched with his or her college town, a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, and a fun corkscrew for your gift set. It’s a wonderful presentation and one that anyone would be happy to receive. 

Secure the Items Carefully

Finally, when you put the items inside the basket, it’s critical to secure each item to prevent it from falling out or breaking. Securing items also keeps them from sliding inside the basket and preserves the aesthetic appeal of the gift. You might choose to use pieces of heavy cardboard and some twine to hold individual items in place, or you might instead keep items packed inside their individual boxes before wrapping them into the basket. 

Gift baskets can be a great gift for any occasion and aren’t just limited to college graduations. You might put together a birthday basket for someone who’s interested inmath and science, awedding gift basket, or even ahousewarming basket. The options are truly endless, and they provide you with the opportunity to create a unique gift set that cannot be found anywhere else.