July 30, 2020 3 min read

If you’re someone who enjoys a cocktail now and then, or if you like to serve unique and fun cocktails to your guests, mason jar cocktails are an excellent way to deviate from the normal drinks served in highball, pint, or rocks glasses. Below are five awesome recipes that you can make at home this weekend and serve in a mason jar etched with a map of yourhometown,college town, or even a customview of the night sky

Blueberry Lemonade & Vodka

Blueberry lemonade and vodka is a refreshing drink perfect for summer, and it has a rustic look that makes it perfect for serving in your favorite mason jar. To make it, simply whip up a batch ofblueberry lemonade and pour four parts of the lemonade and one part vodka into a mason jar filled about halfway with ice. Garnish with fresh blueberries and a lemon wedge, and serve with astainless steel drinking straw for a truly summery drink. 

Tiki Fruity Punch

If you’re hosting a party – especially one by the pool – consider this delicious putting together this delicious cocktail recipe courtesy ofBetty Crocker. It’s easy enough to make; just add 3oz fruit punch, 3oz orange juice, and 2oz of your favorite rum, stir, and pour over ice in the mason jar. The recipe is simple, but you can easily switch up the flavor or make it your own by choosing your favorite flavor punch or rum. 

Hard Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer is a classic summertime beverage that consists of half lemonade and half sweetened iced tea. If you’d like to turn it into an “adult” beverage, simply add 3oz tea, 3oz lemonade, and 2oz of vodka. If you’re feeling especially fancy, you can swap the vodka for Limoncello, which is an absolutely delicious lemon liqueur that is bright, refreshing, and always a hit during the warmer months. 

Mason Jar Cucumber Mojito

There’s nothing quite like the refreshing flavor of cucumber and mint to help you unwind and cool off at the end of a hot day, and this unique twist on the classic mojito incorporates both. To make it, you will need one lime cut into quarters, two sprigs of fresh mint, two slices of cucumber, a tablespoon of sugar, 2o0z of your favorite white rum, and 4oz of club soda. Add the juice of the lime to the bottom of a cocktail shaker, then drop the limes inside. Add mint leaves and sugar, thenuse a muddler to extract the flavor from the mint and remaining juice from the limes. Next, strain the liquid into a mason jar filled about halfway with ice and add the two slices of cucumber. 

Mason Jar Margaritas

Margaritas are one of the most highly-requested beverages in the late spring through late summer months, and aside from being easy to make, they’re also perfect for serving in a mason jar. To do it, fill a mason jar with ice and add 2oz of your favorite tequila, 1.5oz of Cointreau or Triple Sec, 1.5oz of simple syrup, and at least 1oz lime juice (but more to taste if desired), then stir well and serve. If you prefer to rim the glass with salt, run a lime wedge along the rim and then dip into a shallow dish filled with margarita salt before filling with ice. You can also switch the lime for pineapple juice, raspberry puree, or any other flavor you like. 

Mason jar cocktails are excellent choices for parties, gatherings, and weekends at home. If you’ll be serving a crowd, consider premixing your cocktails, screwing the lids on the jars, and placing them inside an ice-filled cooler for your guests. They’ll appreciate the thought, and you won’t have to stop to make drinks throughout the night. You might even consider making two or three different cocktails to provide some variety, too.