December 17, 2020 2 min read

Stocking stuffers are generally meant to be small gifts that fit inside a standard stocking at Christmas. Though these may be the standard “rules,” that doesn’t mean the gifts must be thoughtless or useless. Below are seven amazing stocking stuffer ideas that are sure to make your significant other smiles. 

Insulated Hydration Bottles

It seems like hydration bottles are all the rage right now, but some of these can be insanely expensive. Fortunately, there are options you can give that are not only more affordable but also more personal – and they’ll fit nicely in a stocking, too. You can have your hydration bottle engraved with sentimental maps of your significant other’s hometown, college, and more. You could even choose to engrave it with the night sky in the exact location you stood when you had your first kiss or proposed. 

Pocket Flasks 

Another exciting stocking stuffer option is anengraved pocket flask that can provide your significant other with a quick and discreet nip at any time. These flasks hold six ounces of your favorite liquor and come in matte black, matte white, or stainless steel finishes. Like the hydration bottles above, it’s possible to engrave the flasks with a wide variety of maps, including the night sky, a college town, or even a state map complete with major roadways. These flasks have rounded edges for comfort and even include their own stainless steel filling funnel to make things simple. 

Stainless Steel Straws

If your significant other is environmentally conscious and is always looking for things he or she can do to help protect the planet,stainless steel straws are an amazing gift – especially when they come in different colors. Options include 5” cocktail straws, 6.5” straws, 8.5” straws, and 8.5” wide mouth straws – all made from stainless steel. They come in colors ranging from gunmetal gray to rose gold and even prismatic as well as traditional stainless steel, so feel free to order them in your favorite – or get a variety pack so you can get one of each color, instead. 

Muddlers & Shaker Tins

Finally, if your significant other seems to have a knack for mixology, then a muddler and/or shaker tin will be the perfect addition to his or her collection of tools. Themuddler is made of solid maple or walnut and because it is handcrafted, each one is truly unique. Thestainless steel shaker tin holds 28 ounces of liquid and is engraved with the eight-point compass rose. You can put one or both inside a standard-sized stocking along with candy, recipes, or other small items to complete the gift. 

When many people think of stocking stuffers, they tend to think of candy canes or tiny items that fit snugly inside the stocking. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to truly fill that stocking with something your loved one can really use, whether that something is a hydration bottle, a flask, stainless steel straws, or a muddler or shaker tin. It may even be worth it to you and your special someone to invest in all four.