History Rocks and Book Gift Set

A historic gift for the history buff who also enjoys whiskey. Featuring a pair of U.S. Founding Documents Rocks Glasses and your choice of 2 bestselling history-themed books: The Unknown American Revolution by Gary B. Nash, or Bourbon Empire by Reid Mitenbuler. 


Items in this gift set include:

U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence Rocks Pair ($29)

History Book - quantity 1, your choice 

  - Bourbon Empire ($17)

  - The Unknown American Revolution ($19)


Choose option for History Books:


A Pair of 11 oz printed old-fashioned cocktail glasses - the perfect pair for whiskey lovers, U.S. history buffs, and proud Americans everywhere. Toast to American independence and freedom! 


One 11 oz. Constitution Rocks Glass showcasing an authentic reproduction of the original U.S. Constitution. We the People... are suddenly very thirsty.

One 11 oz. Declaration Rocks Glass showcasing an authentic reproduction of the original Declaration of Independence. Rebellion never tasted so good.

Select from two great reads for your favorite history buff and pair with a set of our history-themed glasses for a truly unique gift set.


Bourbon Empire:

Walk into a well-stocked liquor store and you’ll see countless whiskey brands, each boasting an inspiring story of independence and heritage. And yet, more than 95% of the nation’s whiskey comes from a small handful of giant companies with links to organized crime, political controversy, and a colorful history that is far different than what appears on modern labels. In Bourbon Empire, Reid Mitenbuler shows how bourbon, America’s most iconic style of whiskey, and the industry surrounding it, really came to be—a saga of shrewd capitalism as well as dedicated craftsmanship.


The Unknown American Revolution:

In this audacious recasting of the American Revolution, distinguished historian Gary Nash offers a profound new way of thinking about the struggle to create this country, introducing readers to a coalition of patriots from all classes and races of American society. From millennialist preachers to enslaved Africans, disgruntled women to aggrieved Indians, the people so vividly portrayed in this book did not all agree or succeed, but during the exhilarating and messy years of this country’s birth, they laid down ideas that have become part of our inheritance and ideals toward which we still strive today.