Stirred Gift Set

All the tools you need to make your favorite stirred cocktail. Pick the color/finish of your tools and pick your favorite city for the city rocks glass pair to match to the set.


This gift set includes:

City Map Rocks Glass - qty 2

Mixing Glass 550ml - qty 1

Bar-spoon - qty 1

Strainer - qty 1

Jigger - qty 1

Choose option for City Rocks Glass:


Choose option for Japanese Style Jigger 1oz / 2oz:

Matte Black
Stainless Steel

Choose option for Koriko Hawthorne Strainer:

Matte Black
Stainless Steel

Choose option for Hoffman Barspoon:

Matte Black
Stainless Steel

Our best selling city rocks glasses.

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A must-have for any bar, the Japanese-Style Double Jigger measures ingredients for mixed drinks, cocktails, and pretty much any kind of drink.  The simple design allows for precise measurement with increment marks on the inside.

• Accurate and consistent for precise measurements
• 18/8 stainless steel
• Hand wash
• 1oz (30ml) over 2oz (60ml), with ½oz (15ml), ¾oz (22ml), and 1 ½oz (45ml) markings on the inside

This two prong Stainless Steel Hawthorne cocktail strainer is a classic design and a favorite of mixologists everywhere.

Cocktail strainers are most commonly used with standard shaker tins and mixing glasses to strain out ice from your cocktail when pouring into a glass. Constructed from stainless steel, they are made for bartenders of all levels.

• Made for heavy use with a very tight coil
• Designed to make it simple to do a true split pour
• Fits large and standard mixing glasses
• Hand Wash only

An essential spoon for any bar, the bar spoon allows for smooth stirring of your favorite cocktails and drinks.

• Reproduction of a classic turn-of-the-century bar tool used at the famed Hoffman House of New York City
• Stainless Steel
• Hand wash
• 33.5cm length

Use this mixing glass to prepare 1 to 2 cocktails. Simply measure your ingredients, mix with a bar-spoon and then strain into your glasses.

• Seamless interior for quieter stirring
• Dishwasher safe
• 1-2 drink capacity
• 5.25in (13.3cm) height x 3.5in (9cm) diameter