Favorite Comments:
"This is pretty epic, I need one of these..."    (re: KeyShelf)    ~jbriinque

"He basically makes cool shit..." 

"My ever-so-difficult-to-buy-for-twenty-something-brother thought this was the perfect gift. Thank you!"

"The Pi bottle opener is responsible for increased drinking by the three math PhDs at our most recent party..."

"These glasses show such high quality workmanship. The Pi numbers design is subtle and the glass has a great feel in your hand. Wonderful purchase and quick delivery."

"I got the Pi Bottle Opener as a gift for my boyfriend, and he is obsessed with it. He loves to show it off and parties, and we have it proudly displayed on our kitchen counter at all times—no hiding this tool in a drawer! The craftsmanship is amazing, and it's nice and heavy in your hand—fun to use AND admire. Two thumbs up, for sure!"