Our Materials

About our Materials:

We love working with conventional materials as well as some rather uncommon ones.  
Here are a few details regarding some of the materials we use.
*Our glassware
We make every attempt to source all of our glass from sources inside the United States.  We use a variety of techniques to etch our glassware depending on what we are looking to accomplish, all are made in the USA.  All of our glassware is dishwasher safe, please wash your glasses before first use as some dust may be present from the etching process and the journey the glasses have taken to get from our hands into yours.  
Our map designs have been developed over a year to bring a piece to you that we think is unique and timeless.
*Our slate***
Our slate is a natural piece of rock so variations in color and texture are completely normal. Our slate is very strong, but it can break or chip if dropped or hit. We recommend hand-washing with a sponge or soft cloth. Our slates are not oven or microwave safe. Each slate is different with its own markings that make it a unique piece.
*Our steel and stainless steel***
Our steel and stainless steel items are manufactured using several different methods causing the finish and color to vary slightly from piece to piece. The steel pieces are protected with a sealant to slow the effects of the environment; however, they will develop a patina over time as they interact with you and the environment. The patina will vary depending on your location, climate, humidity, and amount of use. To treat the surface of your product, you may clean with acetone or another solvent and reapply a clear spray paint, or you may use a natural beeswax to seal the metal from moisture. Our stainless steel pieces are naturally resistant to moisture and will resist patina over time, maintaining their original finishes. We take immense pride in each of our pieces and hope you enjoy these variations and the uniqueness they bring to your item.
*Our reclaimed wood***
Our reclaimed wood products are taken from old barns which have been re-purposed to create a functional work of art. These pieces will have varying grain, board size, blemishes, knots, and colors. Care is taken to produce unique pieces that are attractive and functional. Please realize that these pieces are each unique and custom made, and the photos on the website are not the exact product you will receive. Due to natural effects of humidity on the wood, swelling may occur as the piece acclimatizes to your home. Our designs allow for some movement to prevent major "cupping" and "cracking," however, some movement may occur which can change your piece. Please contact us for further information on how to mitigate any issues of this nature. We take immense pride in each of our pieces and hope you enjoy these variations and the uniqueness they bring to your item.