The Huffington Post 

Huffington Post feature on local products sporting one of our latest additions: the Chicago Map Rocks Glass. Read Full Article.

The Boston Shaker 

Catering to the seasoned mixologist and the cocktail curious alike. Barware, bitters, cocktail books, ingredients, vintage glasses, and barware. Located in Somerville, MA. Shop For Products

The Washington Post Express "Irrational Beers" 

Boston craftsman Brian Johnson's steel bottle opener lets you pop open a cold one with math dork-meets-beer geek style, then toast Archimedes. Read Full Article

JP Selects

Created by John Paul DeJoria (co-founder of Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits) JP Selects is an online marketplace for products made with uncompromising principles. Our brands pride themselves on the quality of their products and in giving back.

Loving Eco

LovingEco is about introducing the best and most innovative eco-friendly and healthy products and brands that you can discover without compromising on style. Read More

Thrillist "Upscale minimalist wares for your dubiously downscale apartment" 

Using his super-ior skills to Avenge your crib's lack of sweet fixtures, the dude behind theUncommonGreen... marries engineering with his passion for art. Check out the entire awesome collection at theUncommonGreen. Read Full Article

Perspective New England - Early Spring 2011

Issue Boston based Brian Johnson offers unique design accessories through the Uncommon Green such as the SoBo Martini Glass, a modern loft design for all your favorite martinis. Read Full Article, pg. 29

Apartment Therapy "Pi Barware"

Boston-based product designer Brian Johnson created a set of coasters and bottle opener in honor of 3.1415926535... provides a pretty good way to get a little smarter while you sip your whiskey. Read Full Article

Desert Living Today "Today's Object of Desire"

Pi couldn't get any more perfect if it tried... yet, designer Brian B. Johnson has found a way. The Pi Bottle Opener is ironic and perfect in a way only the truly nerdy can understand. Read Full Article

Style Factory

Popular by design. Curated modern products that are "Sweeter than Honey" Shop For Products

Ready Made "Shelving Fresh Cut Flowers" 

The designer, who makes DVD holders, coasters, and metal picture frames, recently designed a shelf that features a vase built into it. The vase, a beautiful blue Mason jar, is built to hang ominously under the wood shelf. Read Full Article

The Urban Exchange 

Catering to urban professionals craving stylish furniture, the Urban Exchange is an upscale consignment furniture and home décor shop. It is the newest addition to the thriving South Boston independent merchant scene. Visit the Shop`

Wantist "3 Ways to Drink with Pi" 

Brian Johnson is a clever one. He designs a mix of art, furniture and home accessories for theUncommonGreen... I certainly understand the allure of trying to recite 3.14159265358979323… after a couple pints... Read Full Article

The Boston Egotist "the Uncommon Green" 

They just produced some really nice martini glasses that you can also purchase at The Boston Shaker, but they also have some other pretty rad stuff. Cool stuff keep it coming... Read Full Article

Favorite Comments:
"The service at theUncommonGreen is superlative! Thank you so much for quickly replacing the glass that was broken in transit from my set. I was dreading what I anticipated would be the huge hassle of requesting a replacement. Thanks for making it as easy as a single email request and also for expediting shipping to ensure I received the perfect new item in time for my friends’ engagement party. The Molecular Flutes were the gift of the night and I got to show off my new-found knowledge of the delicious effects of Oxytocin and Vassopressin. Thanks again for restoring my faith in customer service and you can look forward to my orders for every friend’s housewarming gift in the next six months." ~ Kandis in Springfield Gardens, NY
"This is pretty epic, I need one of these..."    (re: KeyShelf)    ~jbriinque

"He basically makes cool shit..." 

"My ever-so-difficult-to-buy-for-twenty-something-brother thought this was the perfect gift. Thank you!"

"The Pi bottle opener is responsible for increased drinking by the three math PhDs at our most recent party..."

"These glasses show such high quality workmanship. The Pi numbers design is subtle and the glass has a great feel in your hand. Wonderful purchase and quick delivery."

"I got the Pi Bottle Opener as a gift for my boyfriend, and he is obsessed with it. He loves to show it off and parties, and we have it proudly displayed on our kitchen counter at all times—no hiding this tool in a drawer! The craftsmanship is amazing, and it's nice and heavy in your hand—fun to use AND admire. Two thumbs up, for sure!"