June 01, 2020 2 min read

Whether you prefer Starbucks, Dunkin, or even McCafé, there’s something to be said for the convenience of ordering whatever your heart desires and having it handed to you in a matter of minutes. Despite the convenience and the delicious taste, the cost of coffee really adds up over time. Learning more about how much you really spend on coffee – and getting what you need to make it at home – might just change your life.

How Much Do You Spend?

A recent survey posted in a Motley Fool article indicated that Americans spend over $1100 a year on coffee – or about $92 a month – which is significantly more than they invest. It’s easy to break it down when you think about it. If you go to Starbucks every morning on your way to work and spend a total of $7 on coffee and a tip, and you do this five days a week, that’s $28 a week. That’s the same as $112 a month or $1344 a year, which is quite a bit of money if you think about it. Most of us could use that extra $112 a month, especially now. Fortunately, it’s possible to brew delicious coffee from the comfort of home with the right tools.

Options for Brewing at Home

The options available to you for brewing coffee at home vary widely. Many people swear by the traditional drip coffeemaker, a bottle of cream, and some sugar, but others go all out with an espresso machine that has all the bells and whistles. Still others swear by grinding their own beans and putting them through a French press for creamy, rich, satisfying coffee. The option you choose will depend on the type of coffee you really like. If you’re a fan of black coffee, you can’t go wrong with a French press. If you like fancy whipped drinks, then you’ll need a machine that can make them. If you need to pour a cup and get out the door quickly in the morning, a programmable drip machine is always a great choice.

What about Single-Cup Machines?

Single-cup coffee makers have been around for several years now and, for many people who only have that one cup in the morning, they’re a great and less wasteful alternative to even the small four-cup drip machines. Many pod manufacturers make compostable pods as opposed to plastic, which makes them environmentally-friendly, too. Most of the pods are universal, so whether you choose a Keurig or another brand, you’ll be able to find all your favorite coffee styles and flavors. The best part is you can just pop in a pod, put your insulated travel mug under the dispenser, and have a hot, fresh cup in just seconds.

Brewing coffee at home doesn’t have to be an incredibly complex ordeal. If there are several people in your home, a programmable drip coffeemaker is a great way to have a hot, steaming cup ready at the perfect time every single day. On the other hand, if you live alone, or if everyone prefers a different flavor or style, a one-cup coffeemaker or a French press is a great idea.